My paintings explore the realms of imagination evoked by today’s new ecological and transspecies consciousness. Far from naturalistic, they present symbolic relationships, especially those between human beings, our histories, tools and environments, and the natural world. Whatever narratives are suggested are open-ended. 

My modus operandi is to let one thing represent a class of things. So my attitude toward the creatures I paint is one of identification: they are us and we are them. I aim to paint them with specificity in relation to their characteristic features (conceptually) and also as volumetric bodies in space (perceptually). I try to capture their spiritual dimension or inner meaning, as we understand it, since, fundamentally, these paintings seek to elicit an emotional understanding.

Obsessive literalism meets symbolic abstraction in my work! Which means it is inspired by charts, diagrams and infographics as well as by the forms of the natural world, including creatures, objects and places. 

I am motivated by the ambition to create a comprehensive kind of painting, one in which any particular image can be incorporated, without its being out of place. I also want my painting to seem convincingly three-dimensional, despite including several or many different spaces. And finally, I want it to have a kind of vastness or universality—in other words, for it to be, through the use of symbols and referents that enlarge its scope, a virtual cosmos.